Friday, June 3, 2016

Fired-Up Fridays

Welcome to what I hope will be a new blog venture for me; blogging every Friday this summer of 2016. The first title I chose was Freaky Friday, but after a Google search proved there were too many other blogs with that title, I decided to go with Fired-Up Fridays. I'm hoping that by writing a blog every week I'll fire myself up for more writing and maybe do the same for you.

While commitment to writing a blog every week is a challenge, it's one I plan to do for fun and to try something different. Not sure what I'll talk about. Sometimes it may be about a writing topic or maybe a story that was in the news that week (though I promise nothing too political will cross this path!). I might talk about what is happening in my writing life, a book I'm reading, or how a song inspires me to write. I love to talk about favorite authors and will maybe feature a book or two. If I get too desperate, there are always stories about my cats and a dog named FooFoo. They can usually be counted on to provide a treasure trove of anecdotes.

So check back here next Friday to see what's up and to get fired-up to write, to read a great book, or just to enjoy the weekend. Or maybe to just take a nice nap.


Rohn Federbush said...

naps are good.

Rohn Federbush said...

Defending naps (called sloth?) Sloth
June 1, 2016

Maybe not. Retirement covers a lot of sins. Surely after working since I was fourteen, I’m allowed this one. I’ve given up more active vices, liquid and smoky, so I think I’m entitled to hold onto one or two. Is having lunch in front of television sloth? How about encouraging my husband to regularly manage the most disagreeable chores, or hiring cleaning ladies? I’m definitely not giving up napping. Even though OA (old age) may not be a therapy-solvable illness, napping goes a long way toward temporary restoration of my energy level.

Perhaps we should shift this to the virtue list. We could rename it to: LOW, lots of worth, or MER, maximum energy regenerator, even TFLS, tools for lost solutions. The modern world seems to adore anagrams.

Who makes up these lists anyway?

Lucy Naylor Kubash said...

I think we could all learn something from our pets who don't seem to mind a nice nap in the middle-or anytime!- of the day. Our neighbors south of the border know this and enjoy a siesta. ;) While I don't nap often I do like to sleep in in the morning. Am definitely not an early riser.