Monday, April 22, 2019

I Have a Cover!

It's been eons since I've posted anything here, but I haven't been taking it easy. Not by a long shot. When I last posted well over a year ago, I was waiting to hear from an editor to know if my book, Will O' the Wisp, had been accepted by her or not. A few months later, I received a contract from The Wild Rose Press, and it's been a long process of (what has seemed like) endless rounds of edits. Now that we're approaching a release date, I find my stomach is often in knots as I try to figure out the best ways to promote my story. Whatever approach an author takes, it's always a gamble as to what is most effective. Readers today are picky, and they have a right to be since there are just sooooo many books out there. What will make one book stand out among them? I great cover is a good start and fortunately, I've received one with vibrant colors that really pop and characters that match the ones in the story. One can hope this will be one good way to catch the reader's eye and make them want to know more. Who are these people? What are their secrets and what makes them tick? Here is an excerpt that I hope will also make you want to know more.

  From Will O' the Wisp by Lucy Naylor Kubash

The man who stepped from inside the truck was definitely not Doc. Tall, with shoulders stretching the faded fabric of his denim shirt and shiny black hair that glistened in the sunlight, he would have towered over Doc’s stocky figure. As he started toward the barn, she couldn’t see his face, but the easy swagger to his walk, the way he rolled his booted feet from heel to toe, spoke to her of things she thought she had forgotten. Had worked very hard to forget. Feelings she’d buried ten years ago.  Uncomfortable, she dropped her gaze to her daughter who had come to stand next to Gypsy.

           “Is he Doc’s helper, you think?” Lizzie scrunched her nose. “I don’t think I know him.”

            Sudden awareness clutched Allison’s heart, giving it an extra beat, as if to prove the man walking toward her was still easy on the eyes but hard on the heart. He’d certainly been hard on hers.

             It would stand to reason Doc might call on him to give a hand.

             But why does it have to be my barn that needs visiting this morning?

             Her heart thumped hard in her chest as Shane McBride came closer, stopped short, and tilted his head back to get a better look at her. For a second, surprise lit his eyes to the color of the sky, then, sticking his hands into his denim pockets, he shook his head. A slow grin touched his mouth. The mouth she remembered so well.

             “Allison,” he said in his slow, sexy way. “I…wasn’t sure it was you who called.”

My two characters, Shane and Allison, have been through a lot, both together and apart, but it's the story that begins at their reunion after a separation of ten years that I hope will make the reader want to know more. What kept them apart? Will it still stand between them? And what happens when long-held secrets are revealed?

 As soon as I have a release date, I'll post it here and shout it from the rooftops and anywhere else they'll let me. Stay tuned.

Will O' the Wisp coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.