Sunday, August 24, 2014

Westward We Go!

August 24, 2014

After driving nearly 700 miles the first day of our western trip, we stopped the first night in Grand Island, Nebraska, and today took a side trip to see Chimney Rock and the Scotts Bluff area in the panhandle area of the state. What amazing landscape. You would think you were on another planet how quickly it changed from nearly flat to these magnificent sculptures. In today's world of smartphones and the world at your fingertips, air-conditioned vehicles and speed limits of 80 mph, it's hard to imagine what the pioneers of the 1800s went through in traversing this country. How overwhelmed they must have felt when they first saw this land! I confess, I probably would not have done well as a pioneer. As much as I like to read about and travel the West, I'm pretty sure I would have stayed behind in my safe little town in the East and lived a very quiet life. But what adventures I might have missed! I'm glad I don't have that decision to make and that I can see all these wonders from the relative comfort of our truck.
Tomorrow, heading to Laramie and then north. Hoping to see the town of Centennial and maybe a wild horse sanctuary? Say tuned.