Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sky of Magic!

I'm happy to announce that my second collection of short stories, Sky of Magic, is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store. The four stories in this e-book are:

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye, A Love That Blossoms, For Love of Joshua, and Sky of Magic.

The first two stories are about married couples discovering that the love they once knew is still alive and well. For Love of Joshua is about a teacher whose dedication to a small boy with learning disabilities leads to romance with his single dad. Sky of Magic, one of my favorite stories, tells of a man returning to the big sky country of Montana and the woman he once loved.

These stories were all previously published in Woman's World magazine but have been rewritten and updated for today's reader. It's been a real pleasure to revisit these stories and the characters that I created so many years ago, almost like getting reacquainted with old friends. I love the cover that reflects the cover story and the theme of the magic of love renewed.

Once again, I have to thank my daughter Emily and son-in-law Dan for their help with all the technical aspects of getting these stories published again. What a blessing it is to have family who can do this stuff!

To learn more about this book and others I've written, please visit the Amazon Kindle Store.