Tuesday, March 26, 2013

50 Days, 50 Songs to the 50 Years on the Carefree Highway Concert

Day 41

This song is often played at Christmas, although it really has nothing to do with the holiday. I suppose it’s the soft sound of jingle bells in the background that makes it fit the season, although the story is that it was written in the middle of summer. It’s a lovely quiet and romantic song, and certainly perfect for any night like this one when winter does not want to loosen its hold.

The lamp is burning low upon my tabletop

The snow is softly falling

The air is still in the silence of my room

I hear your voice softly calling.

If I could have you near to breathe a sigh or two

I would be happy just to hold the hands I love

On this winter night with you.

Song for a Winter’s Night, Gordon Lightfoot

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Connie Bretes said...

Hi Lucy, I've always like this one as well. Interesting the way he wrote it, had nothing to do with the winter scene he's portraying here.