Monday, March 18, 2013

50 Days, 50 Songs to the 50 Years on the Carefree Highway Concert

Day 49

This song has always been one of my favorites. Maybe because I like ponies. It’s a song about a Peter-Pan-like someone who takes children on magical fantasy adventures while they sleep. The lyrics speak of pirate ships, holds filled with gold, and ponies that “live on candy apples instead of oats and hay.” That we should all have such lovely dreams!

When it’s midnight in the meadow and the cats are in the shed

And the river tells a story at the window by my bed

If you listen very closely, be as quiet as you can

In the yard you’ll hear him, it is the pony man.

The Pony Man, Gordon Lightfoot

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Connie Bretes said...

I've always loved this one too. He says he sang it for his children, but most of the time all the kids really want is to be with you.