Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1 Release Day for Chance's Return!

May 1 was the release day for Chance's Return, the story of young widow Casey Girard and ex-rodeo champ Chance McCord. It was released from White Rose Publishing yesterday. While it's been up in print on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a few weeks, this is the official and digital release for my inspirational contemporary western romance. Here is a short excerpt:

Chapter 1

"Chance McCord pushed back his hat with his thumb and lifted his weary gaze to the mountains up ahead. In the past half-hour, storm clouds had amassed over the Tetons, staining the sky a violent shade of purple. Thunder rolled across the valley, setting a nearby bunch of Herefords lowing nervously and a jackrabbit scurrying for cover. In a minute, it was going to pour buckets.

Chance didn’t mind the rain. The stretch of Wyoming highway shimmered under a sun that burned mighty hot and dry for this early in the summer, and he would welcome a rush of cool mountain air right about now. He just hated for his saddle to get wet. A fine cutting saddle, it had been a parting gift from his buddy Hank and, since the truck broke down outside of Boulder, one of the few possessions of any value Chance had left in the world. He’d thumbed the rest of the way and wished now he hadn’t asked the semi driver to let him out ten miles back. Did he think walking would make things easier? Give him more time to think about what he faced? He’d had plenty of time to think— five long years—and nothing in his mind had changed. Maybe walking was a form of retribution.A way to make amends. In truth, Chance knew it was just another effort to put off the inevitable.

He reached into his shirt pocket, drawing out a tattered photograph. He always carried it with him,right over his heart. As he studied the photo now, a memory pierced him so swift it took his breath away.Lately, those memories had begun to fade, taking with them some of the pain, but today he held onto the pain so he wouldn’t forget. Thunder rumbled again, and he slipped the photo back into its place, making sure his dusty denim jacket covered it. He lifted the saddle and rested it against his hip. The town of Jefferson Falls lay up ahead. He could sit out the storm there, but he’d never make it in time to beat the rain. He knew too well how fast storms moved out of the mountains, and this one wasn’t wasting any time.The wind picked up and sent a scraggly tumbleweed skittering across the pavement. Chance raised his face to feel the breath of the mountains on his damp brow. Then with a heavy sigh he pulled the brim of his Stetson low over his forehead, shifted the weightof the saddle, slung his duffel bag over his shoulder, and prepared to be drenched."

I hope you will enjoy Chance and Casey's story. Please leave a comment here, and I will enter your name into a drawing for a free digital copy of my book. Wishing you Happy May Day (a bit late!) and happy spring.


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Donna B said...

Nice teaser! I want to see that picture and know the story behind it!